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Andre Drummond ranked ninth best center in NBA in NBA 2K18

Where would you rank the Detroit Pistons big man?

First look at Andre Drummond in NBA 2K18 was released on Dre’s Twitter feed.

Andre Drummond is rated as the ninth-best center in the NBA according to NBA 2K18. Drummond’s rating is 85 overall, which is the same rating he sported after the final update of NBA 2K17.

The top-rated center in the NBA, according to NBA 2K, is DeMarcus Cousins with an overall rating of 92. That is followed by Karl-Anthony Towns (91), Marc Gasol (89), Nikola Jokic (88), Rudy Gobert (88), Hassan Whiteside (87), DeAndre Jordan (87), Joel Embiid (86), Andre Drummond (85) and Myles Turner (84).

Turner leapfrogged Al Horford and Brook Lopez who both ranked higher in the March 2017 update of NBA 2K17.

How do Pistons fans feel about this ranking? Does it slot Drummond about right compared to the rest of the league?

Drummond has been on a roller coaster the past few years, earning his first All-Star game two seasons ago to regressing last season, finding his name in plenty of trade rumors and, most importantly, seeing a fan base really turn against him.

There’s no doubt that Drummond, along with the rest of the Pistons, really regressed last season. But it’s equally true that no player was more important to the 44-win club of two years ago than young Andre.

Even with a bounceback year, I’m not sure how much Drummond can really rise in the rankings, though. Cousins is ultra-talented and it’d take a real implosion in New Orleans to tank his video game value (a real phrase I just typed), KAT is the future and I believe statues are already being built in honor of Jokic and Embiid. Also, seriously, Gobert deserves to be higher. That leaves Gasol (great, but getting older), Hassan Whiteside (an older, more efficient version of Drummond) and Jordan (an older, better defender than Drummond).

On second thought, who cares about a video game?