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Avery Bradley ranked eighth best shooting guard in NBA 2K18

A former Piston also made the top 10

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Bradley, a major offseason acquisition of the Detroit Pistons, is the eighth best shooting guard in the NBA, according to NBA 2K8.

This comes just after the top NBA video game on the planet declared Pistons big man Andre Drummond the ninth best center in the league.

Bradley enters the season with a rating of 83. Tops on the list is James Harden at 95 and then a sharp drop to Jimmy Butler (90), Klay Thompson (90), DeMar Derozan (89), Bradley Beal (87), CJ McCollum (86), Devin Booker (85), Bradley, Dwyane Wade (82) and Khris Middelton (81).

In my opinion, this list is a lot dicier than the list of centers, which I thought was a pretty good encapsulation of the value of the present big man crop. Butler, it seems to me, is a little low in the rating even if he is the second-best shooting guard on the board.

I’d say Beal and McCollum are both better than DeRozan, and Devin Booker hasn’t done nearly enough to warrant top 10 inclusion yet. Wade is still riding his legacy and Middleton is an ultra-dangerous shooter but was really limited by injury last season.

Really, though, I’ve just got one big question -- where the heck is Gary Harris? He’ll be a whispy mustache hair over 23 years old when the season starts and he’s already a supremely valuable two-way wing with great defensive skills on the perimeter and a true shooting percentage above 60 percent.

I’d say Harris is easily a better shooting guard than Booker, Wade or Middleton.

What’s that, you say? Where’s Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

Not on the list. Will he be after a season where he gets to gun in a free-wheeling Los Angeles Lakers offense? We’ll see.