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NBA trade rumors: Pistons among those next on Cavs’ list for a Kyrie Irving deal

There’s more smoke on the Kyrie Irving trade front.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Kyrie Irving and Detroit Pistons trade rumors continue to get legs. The latest comes from Sam Amico of Amico Hoops in his mailbag:

Dear Zahir, the Cavs and Pistons have held some talks, and I have heard they did involve Jackson, but those didn’t get very far. I actually like your idea, but I doubt the Pistons are willing to part with Drummond or Johnson just yet. But you never know. Word is, if the Cavs can’t get something done with the Suns, the Pistons will be among the teams they turn to next.

The idea the reader mentioned was Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson to the Pistons for Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson, which is about what ESPN suggested two weeks ago.

The Suns and Cavs have reportedly discussed Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, and a future pick (supposedly the 2018 Miami first round pick) for Irving. But Jackson has apparently been the sticking point, with Phoenix refusing to deal the rookie and the Cavs insisting on his inclusion.

Suns fans look to be pretty patient, as #TheTimeline is a thing over at their SB Nation site Bright Side of the Sun, so the two sides look to be at a stalemate.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, things don’t seem to be going any better.

This comes a week after Kyrie Irving was laughing at Stephen Curry making fun of LeBron James at a wedding. Oy.

Meanwhile, the line of teams looking to trade for Irving doesn’t seem to be incredibly long. The Minnesota Timberwolves were on Irving’s list of preferred destinations, but their owner Glen Taylor sounds unwilling to part with Andrew Wiggins in the deal. Wiggins would be the Cavs’ primary target. And the Denver Nuggets reportedly would be unwilling to give up Jamal Murray or Gary Harris. The Spurs also made a “significant offer,” but it’s tough to see how they could meet the young players, win-now veterans, and draft picks the Cavs are looking for.

Which may be why the Pistons’ name keep popping back up. It’s understandable that the Cavs would be less than enthused about a point guard-big man swap with the Pistons, but they’re also not flooded with options.

It’s also been reported vaguely that Irving would not be willing to commit to his destination past his current contract, which expires in 2019. Though it makes sense that he’d want to keep his options open for the future. But it’ll also temper the enthusiasm of potential offers.

While there’s always the opportunity for the Cavs to just hold pat heading into the season, most around the league (including former Cavs GM David Griffin) seem to think a trade before training camp is inevitable.

In typical Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower fashion, they seem content to pounce on the opportunity if it comes up or to go with their guys if Cleveland gets a better offer elsewhere.

Now your thoughts.