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Watch highlights from Stanley Johnson’s 86-point game

We finally have some highlights

Stanley Johnson scores 86 points.

Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson scored an absolutely ridiculous 86 points in Drake’s OVO game.

Never thought I’d be putting all those words together in the same sentence. And now we have the highlights.

When Detroit Bad Boys first brought this story to your attention we only had the amazed reaction of several NBA stars and a couple seconds of video to go on.

Now, thankfully, someone has stitched together 44 of Johnson’s 86 points, and we can bask in his glory.

The video was produced by OVO and comes courtesy of Twitter user @_SkyBlueCo and shared by Johnson (@IamSJ).

I’ll also leave you with this shot of Johnson during the game. It’s pretty bad ass, and I also think it captures Johnson when he is at his best — head down and determination in the eyes.

This is the look Johnson had when he was guarding LeBron James in the playoffs two seasons ago. Hopefully, it’s the look we see all the time in 2017-18.

86'er @omostanimal 86 POINTS

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