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Official Detroit Bad Boys Acronym Guide and Glossary 1.0: the DBBAGG

To both celebrate the richness of the comment thread history as well as initiate newer commenters and readers to the DBB comment vernacular we are starting the DBBAGG 1.0, and we definitely could use your help.

I joined Detroit Bad Boys July 9, 2010. I was living in Frankfurt, Germany at the time and went by Frankdog on the site. I was actually called a troll after my first comment. I did the somewhat frequent thing as a newbie where I read the hate being spewed by the commenters and didn't see it to be the tough love bear hug commonly applied by die hard fans. I'm sure I commented something like "If you were a real Pistons fan you wouldn't be a hater!" (this was 2010 you understand, when "hater" would've unfortunately still been used).

It took me a while to understand the nuanced love/hate nature of the comment thread, and even more time to figure out what the hell a lot of the acronyms and inside jokes and phrases were all about. So in a way to both celebrate and reminisce about all of the awesome grammar that's been created in the comment thread as well as a way to clear up confusion for newer members we're starting this new initiative: The Detroit Bad Boys Acronym Guide and Glossary, 1.0.

We bring you...


I'd like to refer to it as the D-BAG for even shorter-er and invite you to do the same. It's fun, rolls off the tongue.

Before we start off, we're going to need all of your help, especially you long-time commenters. We are already compiling things among the staff a bit, but a lot of you long-time, loyal-as-all-hell commenters for sure will have things we'll want to include. Those things, as always and in a most fitting way, we ask that you contribute in the comments below.

Also, I'm sure we're going to get a few things wrong or at least not quite right, so let us know. Finally, we're going to attempt to attribute these beauties to the originator, wherever/whenever possible. We've made a stab at a few but if you know more or if we were simply off the mark, please do let us know. This is our own wikipedia-style document. DBBpedia if you will.

*Signifies missing an origin/original post-master, if you know who it was let us know.

Without further ado....


SVG: Let's start out easy, this of course stands for Stan, our illustrious coach and president and all around awesome guy, Stan Van Gundy.

SVB: This is an acronym for the two-headed beast Stan Van Bower, a combination of the powers of SVG and his GM Jeff Bower.

NYCDAT: "Nothing you can do about that." This was from a common post game comment made by former coach Mo Cheeks and became very commonly used in the threads and is still used to this day.*

WAWB: "What about Will Bynum?" This referred to the pint-sized former Piston back-up, and is and was an acronym purveyed and loved by the Boourns.*

DLN: "Don't look now." This is a commonly-used phrase by our main man and almost 40-year-veteran in Pistons play-by-play, George Blaha, used when the Pistons are down in a game but threatening to come back.

MCIAFI: "Michael Curry is a f*cking idiot." This was a polite-ish way of referring to the foibles of a coach that never really should've been our coach, and has seen many many variations, chiefly for coaches, with the first two letters being changed according to the first two letters of the person in question's name. Examples: JKIAFI, John Kuester. LFIAFI, Lawrence Frank. MCIAFI, Mo Cheeks. It is inadvisable but I have unfortunately seen SVGIAFI for Stan Van Gundy. But I prefer the next...*

SVGIAFG: "Stan Van Gundy is a f*cking genius." This is the widely used and more acceptable version of SVGIAFI.

PSE: "Post-Smith Era." This is referring to the halcyon days just after the Pistons jettisoned the much-maligned Josh Smith, when Brandon Jennings came into his own and we all were in a phase of gorgeous basketball and commenting bliss. This era will forever be preserved in Hypnowheel's much-rec'd highlight reel Detroit Basketball is Back. Ahhh, the PSE.*

THE: "Tobias Harris Era." The THE is attributable to commenter thebeastman17, referring of course to the newfound competitiveness the Pistons played with shortly after they acquired Tobias Harris from the Orlando Magic, and is a derivative of and descendant of the previous acronym, PSE.

MF: "Mother f*cking." This is a modifier of sorts that is followed by the initials of a commenter in order to give maximum love and cred. Example: MFBWPTD= mother f*cking BandWagonerPaysTheDues. This was commonly used and possibly attributable to MFMP, mother f*cking Mike Payne. The origin of this is believed to have been for Will Bynum. The meme went that MFWB would be referenced, followed with "For the initiated, that means Mouth Farting Will Bynum," or any words that start with m and f. Then it evolved to be added for commenters too.

PGOTF: "Point guard of the future." This refers to the post-Chauncey Billups debate on the revolving door of potential floor leaders of the Pistons, the possible original candidate being Rodney Stuckey (see "HEY" later) followed by Brandon Knight, Brandon Jennings and currently being held down by Reggie Jackson.*

TDC: "The Drummond contender." This refers to the here-to-fore in process entity built on the back of the infinitely talented yet infinitely frustrating young center, Andre Drummond.*

DvE: "Detroit vs Everybody." This is a phrase that Stanley Johnson brought into the forefront when he tweeted it shortly after being drafted by the Pistons. It refers to a phrase made popular in an Eminem song of the same name, and a t-shirt company of the same name which should in actuality give DBB royalties for its generous use.

4QC: "Fourth Quarter Collapse." This refers to the once all-too-common event of the Pistons' proclivity to somehow lose their shit in the fourth quarter after playing an otherwise strong game. Thankfully this is a less-common occurrence recently and as such is less seen in the comment threads.*

BDL: “Ball don't lie!” Ah Sheed, you will live on in infamy for this playground saying. Said of course when an opposing player misses a free throw after a questionable foul call.

CTBAAF: Count that baby and a foul, from George Blaha.


The Jith: This phrase, as its dark-side-of-the-force connotations suggest, originated during a bleak time in Pistons history, when Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings became their own shot-jacking worst enemies and became the singular entity known as the Jith.*

The Tolliverse: This is referring to the mercurial wonder that is Anthony Tolliver. He is often a bit on the erratic side but when he starts making threes the world becomes one where balls are sucked into the hoop as if by gravitational magic. We're not sure where this originated but garrettelliot and his awesome gif are huge proponents of this term. I offered a version of this name for Tobias Harris, the Tobiasphere but it has yet to become widely accepted.*

The Tolliver Effect: This originated during the aforementioned PSE winning streak when Spencer Dinwiddie attempted to explain the reason for the Pistons' drastically-improved play. Likely a tongue-in-cheek comment intended to avoid calling attention to the elephant in the locker room (or no longer in the locker room), but Tolliver's arrival just so happened to coincide with the departure of Smith and the beginning of some delightful basketball in Detroit.

White Smoke: This is referring to KCP - an acronym in its own right - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and when he started heating up and is in reference to the white smoke that arises from the Vatican when cardinals decide on the next Pope.*

Red Panda: This is one of the most DBB of creations. I defer to the already official definition here.

Lurker: A term signifying the members of DBB who tend to read comments but not actually comment. Whenever possible lurkers are welcomed and rec'd to kingdom come when they come into the light of the commenting day.

HEY!: This expression is seldom seen these days but refers to Rodney Stuckey's incredibly oft-expressed "HEY" when he drove to the hole and rarely met with the foul he so vociferously demanded.*

Kool-Aid: This is not a DBB original and in fact in comes from a very, very dark source, but one that has taken on lighter tones courtesy of our hypnotherapist-in-chief Hypnowheel, resident Doctor Feelgood, who blows sunshine up our asses on the regular.

NIGHT OF MAGIC: This happens in the thread pretty much every time the Pistons win. Letter by letter it takes shape, sometimes more successfully than others. Things change and occasionally it spells something different but generally it's a winning game ritual around these parts.*

Huzzah!: A gorgeous addition provided to us by Yostradamus, in reference to Tobias Funke from the show Arrested Development, commented when Tobias Harris is successful in making a basket.

SCENAIO: This term, I believe always in CAPS, came from some fella who randomly asked WHY IN ALL THESE TRADE SCENAIOS. It lives on.*

"Long smooth and can stroke it”: Used to refer to the ideal (in Dumars’ case anyway) wing player, most likely from Dumars in an interview about Walter Sharpe.

“My shorts are tight”: Referring to the condition where one is in an excited state which incurs a certain area of the male anatomy to respond in a certain way.

"Deform the defense": From the infamous Petey, who defended Allen Iverson in the DBB comments after the Billups trade. The phrase intended to describe the non-quantifiable impact that Allen Iverson was having on the Pistons offense.

"Basketball acumen": From the infamous khandor, whose basketball wisdom trumped statistical analysis eight days per week.

"Fight with knives": A friendly challenge to a duel during heated conversations and disagreements.

"Both teams played hard": Not unique to DBB, of course, but a very common expression originating from Sheed.

"just epinion": coachDP


Moose: Greg Monroe. Our former power forward/center, and apparently a name he had since the early pre-NBA days, and one of the best.*

SWAG: Nickname of former PG Brandon Jennings. His name and nickname still appear regularly and wistfully in many cases.

Penguin: Andre Drummond. I for one have never been a fan and don't know where it originated but HEY!, whatever.*

Stanimal: Stanley Johnson. Again, not the most creative, and not a huge fan. I had hope for The Marvel in reference to Stan Lee, the originator of Marvel comments and am shamelessly mentioning it again now in the hopes it sticks because it's so much cooler.*

Blake Mamba: Steve Blake. This is a nickname based on Kobe Bryant's nickname Black Mamba (which I think is horrible but just me). I for one chuckle every time it's commented.*

Ghostface Ilya: Nickname for former power forward Ersan Ilysova. Taken from rapper Ghostface Killer.*

Lobster Claws/Circus Bear: Our former backup center Aron Baynes. Not really a nickname so much as a description of his game play and occasional tendency to struggle securing a pass or rebound. We love him and hope he knows nothing of this. We love you Aron!*


The Zebra: This is a gif we all know and love, but i'm not entirely sure where it started. It's a celebration of victory, usually posted by Ok from J, our man in Japan.*

Rhino poop: I'll just say it: I hate this gif, but I guess that's the point. This is posted when the Pistons shit the bed.*

So that's where we leave things, for now. You guys take the lead from here. V 2.0 is all up to you, not only from things we've missed but from things that haven't even been invented yet. If you want to be immortalized in v2.0, v 3.0 and beyond, keep commenting and be creative. This site is driven by and lives through you guys. Keep having fun, being creative, being Pistons fans.

Leave your comments, may they be many, in the comments section below