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Welcome to Detroit Bad Boys

The season is here ... the fun begins.

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Detroit Pistons training camp starts today. That means the season has arrived. Not that we’ve had much of an offseason. Stars zipped between teams like crazy, and there were extended standoffs between stars and franchises involving Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony.

For the Pistons it was a relatively quiet summer. The team traded two starters in early July, waving goodbye to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Marcus Morris. Newcomers include Avery Bradley, Langston Galloway and the return of Anthony Tolliver.

Detroit Bad Boys will bring it all to you as we’ve always done — with completely fair and unbiased opinions of 29 of the Association’s 30 teams.

We have some of the best Pistons minds around contributing to this site to provide a few things I know you’re looking for:

1. Analysis. Breaking down the numbers and game footage in detail so you know what makes this team truly tick without having to rely on sports radio sound bytes and hot takes.

2. Conversation. A daily (perhaps several times a day) stop during a busy life where you get to have the best, nerdiest conversations with people who are as obsessed with the Pistons as you are. That is why we don’t just bring you the news, we try and put it into a fuller context to facilitate conversation and debate (of the non-yelling variety).

3. Fun. A simple concept but difficult to pull off -- especially when your team trades future Hall of Famer Chauncey Billups for the shambling remains of Allen Iverson nine years ago and the franchise has had one winning season since.

4. Truth. You know we’re already unbiased about 29 of the OTHER teams in the NBA. And while we’re all Pistons fans, that doesn’t mean we pull punches when it comes to Detroit. We’ll call the Josh Smith signing a failure days after it was signed and be proven correct. And we’ll say Detroit’s $100-million man and his coach need to quit it with the terrible post-ups. Eventually, we’ll be proven right there, too.

We have some commenters and contributors to this site that go way back to the days of Matt Watson running the site by himself more than a decade ago. And, as with every new season, we’ll have new fans exploring the place for the first time. Welcome, and please stick around.

You’ll soon be hearing from all the voices at Detroit Bad Boys as we preview the upcoming season. We have at least 40 pieces scheduled for release between now and opening night on Oct. 18.

You’ll hear from me (maybe too much), Steve Hinson, Mike Snyder, Jamie Delancey, Laz Jackson, Chris Daniels, Ben Gulker, Justin Lambregtse, Ryan Pravato and Ben Quagliata soon.

But we’ll also be recruiting new writers to the site, too. Whether you’re a seasoned writer looking for an outlet or a die hard Pistons fans who is curious about what entering the grind of regular blogging is like, we’d like to hear from you. But more on that soon.

Right now, it’s all about gearing up for the new season. A fresh start for the Detroit Pistons. A fresh start for Detroit Bad Boys.