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Boban Marjanovic, never stop dancing

There’s no words to set up how awesome this is. Just see for yourself.

The Bobi & Tobi show!! #ChickenNoodleSoup

A post shared by Tobias Harris (@tobiasharris) on

I don’t know what the Chicken Noodle song or dance is but if Boban’s doing it, I love it.

This isn’t the first time Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic have teamed up to groove.

I don’t know what Milly Rock is either. I’m starting to think I might not be hip.

Hey, I know that one!

Or maybe just need saved by Tobias Harris as much as Boban does.

Either way, we can all agree. This trade deadline, the Pistons have two untouchables: Tobias and Boban. Bobias?

Yes, Bobias.