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L2M report: Reggie Bullock was fouled on Pistons final play against Bulls

Bullock should have gotten free throws for chance to tie in game’s final seconds.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With three seconds between the game clock and the Bulls shot clock, Chicago up by two and with the ball, the Pistons needed a stop. They got it with an Avery Bradley steal.

As the final seconds tick away Tobias Harris pushes the ball ahead to Reggie Bullock, but Reggie’s unable to finish over Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen secures the rebound. Ball game.

There’s plenty of questions that we’re left with after that play. Why did Tobias give it up so quickly, rather than making Dunn commit? How do you not get a better look on a two-on-one fast break? Why didn’t Avery Bradley even jump for the rebound? Is there a god? Why are the Bulls so bad at celebrating a victory? Do they understand what just happened? And what are their coaches pointing at?

One question I didn’t even consider watching it at the time was if Reggie Bullock was fouled. It looked like terrific defense from Kris Dunn to me (and honestly, it still does).

But the NBA Last Two Minute Report, which puts every potential call from officials under the microscope for close games, says otherwise. It said, “Dunn (CHI) makes contact to Bullock’s (DET) arm that affects his driving shot attempt.”

After watching that video approximately 200 times in succession, I still don’t see it.

Despite the headline, the L2M report leaves pretty little room for outrage for Pistons fans though. The report also said that Avery Bradley fouled Justin Holiday on the steal that led to the final break.

The report says, “Bradley (DET) makes contact to Holiday’s (CHI) arm that affects his ability to gather the ball.”

Once again, I say bullshit.

Holiday is dribbling with his right hand, Bradley is to his left side. There’s no way he could have made contact with Holiday’s right arm. It looks thoroughly to me like a good clean poke at the ball.

The L2M reports have been criticized a bit as being unfair to officials, putting them under excessive scrutiny. Personally, I think it’s usually great - I’m always a fan of transparency.

But if you’re going to put your folks under excessive scrutiny, be correct. Maybe there’s some foul there that is obvious from another angle or that I’m just not seeing. But even though losses like last night’s game are a bitter pill to swallow, outcomes being determined by tough defense >>> being determined by the refs.