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Andre Drummond, Dwight Howard and JJ Redick — your next rap supergroup?

I assume we have Notorious SVG to thank for this

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

To quench the unshakeable thirst for #content that is modern day online publishing, I’m not going to say that I was surprised that a list of the 10-best NBA rappers came across me Twitter feed this morning courtesy of The Lead.

I popped it open and was pleasantly surprised to see Andre Drummond coming in at no. 8 on the list.

But I had a big problem with No. 4 on the list — Lonzo Ball. First, because I am no fan of the laid back, smoke-filled vibe of mumble rap that is so prevalent today. And that is Lonzo to a T. Boring.

Luckily, Drummond had my back.

You’re damn straight, Dre.

Also, Ball had the nerve to call out Nas, and to wear a shirt with Lonzo’s face replacing his on one of the few perfect albums in hip hop — Illmatic. That is blasphemous.

However, that’s not the end of this strange, very Friday, very #content tale.

Suddenly, JJ Redick, Dwight Howard and Drummond were talking about forming a super group, and I can’t say that I’m mad about it.

Hmmm ... a current Piston, and two former Orlando Magic teammates forming a supergroup? I think I know just the person to be their manager.

Notorious SVG