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Pistons vs. Thunder Recap: Detroit loses seventh straight game, 121-108

I hope you didn’t expect a different outcome.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Detroit Pistons Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder got out to a fast start behind their superior talent. Paul George ended the first quarter with 16 points, and led the way in defensively coercing the Pistons into an ugly offensive start.

Then, as we’ve come to expect, the Pistons’ bench came in and outplayed the starting unit. Boban Marjanovic was a key contributor during this time, even as his limitations defensive enabled Raymond Felton to go off:

The Pistons ended the half down “only” 12. In the third quarter, the Pistons fell apart, taking almost five minutes to score their first bucket of the half.

We’ve seen these slow starts to begin the third quarter multiple times throughout the year for the Pistons. With precious little shot creation from the starting lineup, the Pistons even let Stanley Johnson initiate the offense in the third, to dubious results.

Andre Roberson suffered a scary freak injury midway through the third, emptying the Thunder bench:

Unfortunately, Roberson will not be alright - his season is over.

The Thunder looked stunned after the Roberson injury, which allowed the Pistons to get back into the game. The bench, again, fared better than the starters, on both ends of the court.

The Pistons’ bench continued to close the gap into the fourth quarter, but it was against none of the Thunder’s big three. As soon as Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook returned, the game was all but over. The Pistons didn’t help matters by allowing some offensive rebounds late - rebounding has been a consistent issue this year.

This loss is the seventh straight for the Pistons, who look to not make it eight against the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow. See y’all back here tomorrow - but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t blame you.