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Tobias Harris with a parting message for Detroit fans

Pure class, as always

NBA: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While all the oxygen on NBA Twitter and elsewhere is being consumed by Blake Griffin, it’s important to remember he wasn’t the only major piece moved into today’s blockbuster. There was also Tobias Harris.

Harris has always been a good player, but this year he took a step forward into near All-Star territory. And if the Pistons had maintained their grip on the fourth seed he might have very well made the team.

He’s a versatile scorer who added a deadly 3-point shot this offseason and showed no hesitation in hoisting from deep. He’s also one of the classiest members in the NBA and he showed exactly that in his message to Detroit Pistons fans on Instagram.

The text of his message reads:

Detroit, From the day I got here it’s been nothing but love. I want to thank every last one of you for the amazing support, the hospitality, the snow, The games at the Palace and Little Caesar’s, the cheers, the boos, hearing y’all scream DETROIT, followed by BASKETBALL!! It’s been amazing. Gods path leads you in many directions, I’m excited to start the next chapter. Want to give a true thank you to my teammates it’s been a blessing to work with you everyday. Want to thank Tom Gores and Coach Van Gundy, true professionals and first class men. Blessings to you Detroit. Thank you

Harris was truly a great player to follow in his brief time in Detroit, and I’ll miss his game, the immense respect he engendered from his teammates and all his philanthropy and community involvement.

If there truly is one silver lining from any of this it is that at least Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic get to remain dance partners in Los Angeles.

The Bobi & Tobi show!! #ChickenNoodleSoup

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