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Pistons vs. 76ers final score: Pistons two steps slow, lose by 36

But at least Andre shushed them...

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Philadelphia 76ers John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons couldn’t get anything going the whole night and the 76ers had everything going the whole night, and that’s how a 114-78 result happens. And it really wasn’t even that close. The Pistons perhaps have a few excuses to mention, due to two starters being out, but that doesn’t quite explain being down at least 30 points for more than half the night.

This one was so bad I can’t call it a game. The 76ers had the W before Detroit even got off the plane.


You have to wonder about Andre Drummond; as in, wonder where his head is at sometimes.

Tonight after making a couple free throws to bring Detroit to within 30 points of the 76ers at 80-50, Drummond shushed the Philadelphia crowd before making his way back down the court.

Just lame. I feel embarrassed for Andre. I feel embarrassed for the team and the coaches. And Andre’s not going to hear the end of his shush for a very long time. Maybe if the Pistons can beat the 76ers then things will change. The Pistons are 0-3 against the 76ers this season.

The team will try their luck Saturday against the James Harden-less Rockets (27-10) at LCA. The Rockets have lost six of their last eight games.

The positive: the Pistons (20-17) can’t possibly play any worse and this loss to the 76ers doesn’t put them at a guaranteed 20-62 for the season despite what you might have read elsewhere. Because you would think the season is over by the way some fans are acting. Let’s see what this team comes up with tomorrow - and if it’s putrid again then we can call it a season if we want to.