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Inside Blake Griffin’s jaw dropping 50-point explosion

Quick video breakdown of Blake Griffin dominating the 76ers in a career night.

Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

How many Blake Griffin jokes did Pistons fans endure over the summer from the national media?

“Past his prime.”

“He’s going to get hurt.”

“Griffin is a shell of his former self.”

“Antiquated skill set.”

Yeah, they had jokes.

Well, the joke is on you, bums. If I sound bitter, it’s probably because I am. You know who the joke isn’t on? Me!

Pro tip, national media: You actually have to watch the Pistons to have a meaningful opinion about the Pistons. I watch the Pistons all the time. I’ve suffered through more lows than highs, and I deserve this. Pistons fans deserve this.

I mean, I don’t go around doling out movie reviews of blockbuster flicks I haven’t seen yet.

Me, brilliant arbiter of truth: “Whatever you do, don’t see ‘A Star is Born.’

You, dumb idiot who is confused: “Why? Is it bad?”

Me, indignant: “No but but Lady Gaga hasn’t produced a hit since 2012 so it’s sure to be a disaster. Her flamboyant style simply doesn’t fit with Bradley Cooper’s stoic demeanor.”

How dumb does that sound? OK, I’m (probably) done patting myself on the back. Let’s get to the man of the hour.

Griffin’s 50-14-6 career night derived from a pick-your-poison offensive style.

Transition and early offense

On the run:

Straight to the post:

Griffin bullied whomever Philadelphia dared to put in front him.

Early long-ball:


Brawny shoulder into your puny chest:

Beyond the arc:

Beasting the switch:

Beasting the entire 76ers team:

Game winner:


National media:

Blake Griffin:

Much (much) more later, but for now, 3-0.