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Inside The Cylinder: Special Guest Stan Remy and Eastern Conference Offseason Review pt. 1

Inside the Cylinder talks to Stan Remy, nba trainer with clients including Andre Drummond, Reggie Bullock, Dwyane Wade, Ben Simmons and more

Hello, Detroit Bad Boys nation! Inside The Cylinder is the new kids on the block when it comes to Pistons podcasts featured on this site, but we’re now in our third season of covering Detroit Basketball.

I’m your host, David Fernandez and I’ve written for DBB since 2015, I’m joined by my co-host Joey Mack.

In this week’s episode, we break down part one of our Eastern Conference offseason review. We’ll discuss the top and bottom four team’s acquisitions and departures, and give our offseason grades.

BUT FIRST I’m joined by Stan Remy, NBA Skills Trainer and founder of #RemyWorkouts! Stan has trained some of the NBA’s top players including Dwyane Wade, Ben Simmons, Paul George, Victor Oladipo, and Detroit’s very own, Andre Drummond and Reggie Bullock.

Stan and I discuss the following topics

  • Stan’s basketball background, and how he started as a skills trainer
  • His long standing relationship with former Piston, Brandon Knight, the first of his NBA clients
  • Andre Drummond’s three point shooting, free-throws, and the other areas of his offensive arsenal
  • Drummond’s mental approach as he enters his 7th NBA Season
  • Reggie Bullock’s game, and his standout season last year

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