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Pistons at Spurs final score: Pistons can’t make anything, fall 117-93

NBA: Preseason-Detroit Pistons at Oklahoma City Thunder
“Make a shot.”
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

For those Pistons fans who suffered through virus infested streams to watch tonight’s preseason game against the Spurs, it probably wasn’t worth it.

There were lots of ugly shooting numbers. Stanley Johnson’s 2-11 game, with 1-7 from three. Glenn Robinson III’s 3-11. Ish Smith’s 1-8. And Andre Drummond shot two more threes and missed them both.

The Pistons finished shooting 35 percent from the field and only made 25 percent of their 39 three point attempts.

One bright side was the 27 free throw attempts, with the Pistons making 78 percent of them. And if it reads like I’m just writing this recap based on the box score numbers, well, I am. This whole not televising Pistons preseason games thing kind of sucks. Anyone with better (or any) insights from the game, please bring them below in the comments.

Through the first two games, Andre Drummond has a usage percentage of 36 percent, Stanley Johnson has the second most shots on the team, Ish Smith is taking 5.5 threes per game, and Luke Kennard is only averaging five points per game. None of those numbers are really ideal.

The Pistons will have their first home preseason game of the year on Monday against the Nets and that one will finally be televised. Finally. I don’t care if it’s just been two games, finally.