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Detroit Pistons unveil newest Nike Motor City Jerseys

This is the Pistons’ newest look for the 2018-19 season

This morning, the Detroit Pistons had Andre Drummond model the newest Nike Motor City Jerseys on their Instagram page:

It’s... fine? I guess? I tend to like dark colors in uniforms, like the mostly black Detroit Lions jerseys from the late 2000’s, but this doesn’t quite hit my eye right. The grey stripe in the middle of the shirt is a miss, the stripe extends down the front of shirt but the side of the shorts (I understand WHY it doesn’t run down the middle of the shorts, but still), and the Flagstar advertising patch pops FAR more than it does on the other jerseys.

One touch I AM a fan of, though, is the resurrection of the old “DP” script, but in black:

Reaction on social media has been... mixed:

I never was a huge fan of the red as a primary color - I liked it MUCH more as an accent with the “first” Motor City jerseys:

However, I am not a fashionable guy by nature, and am willing to be wrong on this one. What do you think of the new jerseys, DBB?