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Happy Thanksgiving from Detroit Bad Boys

If you’re checking this page on a day as busy as today you know you love this page as much as the rest of us...

I couldn’t find the original image of this DBB turkey that I Photoshopped and in Googling the original post I included it in I realized it has been three years since its creation and three plus years I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the content creation part of Detroit Bad Boys. I’m thankful I was welcomed into the fold here and am still excited every time I click the comments section and scroll through all of the insight, snark, arguments, trolls, dancing zebras etc etc etc.

So I personally wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes up a part of the DBB world, from the fellow writers to the editors to the commenters to the lurkers and even and sometimes especially the trolls.

Speaking on behalf of the team here, we love you all, we need you all to keep this thing running and we appreciate every minute you spend on here.

Enough of the cheese, here are a few things I’m thankful for:

Blake Griffin.

Blake Griffin.

and Blake Griffin. The guy is a beast. He’s a gentleman. He’s a modern seemingly ego-free superstar and I at times am still pinch myself realizing he’s a Detroit Piston. But...




I hope at this time next year I’m adding even more thanks to Tom Gores for getting out his checkbook and signing ___________, fill in the blank with the guy, that guy who gives Blake a break and lets Andre be Andre...speaking of which.

I am very thankful for Andre Drummond. I’m stealing the thunder a bit from a piece Mike Snyder is writing giving credit where credit is due so I will be brief and say just “Thanks Dre!”

Dwane Casey. I love this guy. SVG was my man and I loved and still love him but damn. Dwane Casey in terms of demeanor, cool, swagger, chill is as close as you’re gonna get to the best of the best Daddy Rich aka Chuck Daly. Keep it up Mr Casey, we’re just getting started here right?

I could go on but I will stop here and leave the rest to you...