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Inside The Cylinder Ep. 67: Blake for MVP? Andre Drummond, Detroit’s unappreciated star - joined by Mike Snyder

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NBA: Houston Rockets at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s episode of Inside The Cylinder, I’m unfortunately sans my beloved co-host, Joey Mack - in his place we have one of Detroit Bad Boys’ finest, Mike Snyder.

Mike is an X’s and O’s wiz - and one of the best follows on NBA Twitter, let alone Pistons Twitter - and if you don’t already follow him, make sure to correct that now by hopping over to that little slice of hell and clicking follow on @M_James_Snyder.

Mike and I discuss the following Pistons topics

  • Is Blake Griffin a legit MVP candidate?
  • Stanley Johnson’s continued surge off the bench
  • Mike’s article on Andre Drummond, Detroit’s unappreciated star
  • If the Pistons should make a trade
  • Detroit’s daunting December schedule

All that and more in this week’s episode!


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