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Blake Griffin forgot his jersey to open the second half in Pistons debut


NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin started his first second half as a Piston with his hands on his knees and laughing at himself while watching Anthony Tolliver start out the third quarter. A Pistons staff member soon brought him back an important piece of his equipment - his Pistons jersey.

Blake Griffin jerseys have been flying off the shelves in Detroit since the Pistons traded for him on Monday. Griffin might have looked up in the stands and felt like one of the few folks in the arena not wearing a Blake Griffin jersey.

Blake was able to get into the game 14 seconds after the start of the quarter and immediately made up for the gaffe with a bucket.

And hey, it’s not the most auspicious start for a SVG-era post-trade debut. Remember that time Reggie Jackson ralphed in his first Pistons game?