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NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread:

Talk about the deals made (or not made) by 3 p.m. EST

Detroit Pistons Introduce Blake Griffin Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

It looks to be a relatively slow deadline, but you never know with the NBA. Big trade questions include

  • What, if anything, do the Cavaliers do to shake up their team?
  • Will any team give up a first-round pick to acquire Tyreke Evans?
  • Is DeAndre Jordan going to stay (like Lou Williams did)?
  • Is someone willing to pay the iron price for Kemba Walker?
  • Are Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors staying so Utah can make a playoff push?
  • Where is Marco Belinelli headed?
  • And, of course, will your Detroit Pistons make another trade?

Talk amongst yourselves, people.