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ESPN Insider’s top 25 under 25 a realm of missed Pistons’ opportunities

For those looking for more reasons to fire Stan Van Gundy, here’s the silver platter you can place his head on.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN likes to rank things, and people like to bite when such things are done. Three of their writers ranked the top 25 players under 25 years of age. Past the top three or so (which were to be expected), some interesting players emerged.

“Interesting” only if you want to be angry as a Pistons fan.

Spoiler alert, if you are one of the growing population of people who want Stan Van Gundy gone you’ll find more ammunition here. This is of course, a subjective exercise done by three people but the results prove damning nonetheless.

The Ranking:

No. 1: Giannis Antetokounmpo.

No. 2: Anthony Davis.

No. 3: Joel Embiid.

No. 4: Karl-Anthony Towns.

So far yeah, pretty expected. Thinking Andre Drummond might be coming up soon? Well, um... Nope. Not coming up.

No. 5: Nikola Jokic. (There’s a ground bound center who averages a ton of assists not named Andre.)

No. 6 (tie): Ben Simmons. (Yeah, first year, can’t shoot, but already is seen as a better player going forward than Drum Drum)

No. 6 (tie) Kristaps Porzingis. (Not a surprise here, dude gets buckets and is all things unicorn-y unlike Dre)

No. 8: Bradley Beal. Wait what? He’s under 25 still? Yeah, ok he’s a good bet, I’d be ok with him vs Drummond.

And then it happened.....tied for No. 9.

What two players could possibly be tied at nine, be ranked above Andre Drummond, and draw the utmost ire from Pistons who are circling the fire Stan Van Gundy bandwagon?

Yeah you know where it’s going to go. And tied? Tied???

No 9 (tie): Dono.....Dono...oh god no

Donovan Mitchell, yeah that guy. The guy we could’ve drafted but didn’t, volume 1.

But who’s the other #9? Oh yeah, the guy we could’ve drafted but didn’t, volume 2...

No 6 (tie): Devin Booker


What have we done to anger the ESPN gods? But in a sane world surely, surely Andre must be next up, right?


No. 11: Gary Harris. Gary Harris? Gary Harris???!

(Editor’s note: You didn’t hear? Gary Harris is the next Kawhi Leonard!)

No. 12. Andre Drummond.

Cutting to the chase (after that horrible build up) in the next 13 players (unsurprisingly) neither Luke Kennard nor Stanley Johnson are to be found. Then again, No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins is at No. 23, the next Magic Johnson is mercifully tied at No. 17...but the blood is in the water.

Release the hounds/sharks/etc. You know I know who you are and you will be secretly loving this call to arms, call to “FIRE SVG!!!” “SVGIAFI!!!”

Enjoy. It’s a hollow pursuit.