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Jazz put on an offensive clinic against Detroit

It was ugly from the tip-off and never got better for the visiting Pistons.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz led by 21 after the first quarter and led by as many as 39 in an absolute shellacking of the Detroit Pistons. Interesting enough, the Jazz started two non-shooting bigs and a historically inferior-shooting point guard; sound familiar?

No matter how Detroit defended the Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors-led pick-and-roll, the play destroyed the Pistons all night.

Trapping the ball-handler:


After Favors flips the screen, he casually collects the offensive rebound:

Drop coverage invites mid-range jumpers. Technically, the Pistons are OK with giving up this look on this particular possession:

Of course it goes in.

Skip passes killed the Pistons all night:

So did re-screens:

And Jonas Jerebko secured two good looks with chop cuts coming after the roll:

Anyone feel like picking up Joe Ingles? No? OK:

This DHO into a flare is finely ran:

Finally, a staggered screen resulting in an easy dunk:

For a lack of a better description, this game was embarrassing.