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Pistons at Trail Blazers final score: Pistons keep losing everything, fall 100-87

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons didn’t get shredded by Damien Lillard or CJ McCollum. They didn’t really do anything wrong in Portland. They just weren’t as good. All night.

It was a really boring game. No one in Michigan should have been up late on St. Paddy’s Day to watch this one. “Let’s all watch a team play against a team that obviously is way better, yes!”

I mean, come on:

Which is weird. The Pistons beat the Blazers handily just a little over a month ago. But it speaks to some of the abstract aspects of this game that makes it awesome. He said, in a blowout loss.

The Pistons have won just three games in their past 16. It’s the worst stretch since the Josh Smith era.

The only thing of note on an individual level was Andre Drummond. He had a solid game of an efficient 18 points, 22 rebounds, two blocks, and as far as I could tell in live time, seemed to be doing the stuff on defense he needed to be.

The Pistons’ schedule lightens up against the Kings, Suns, Bulls, and Lakers - oh, and the Rockets mixed in there.


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