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Report: Chauncey Billups contacted about front office position

This would be a sea change for the Detroit Pistons’ franchise

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First, the report/tweet, from the New York Times’ Marc Stein (who has been on this since... January? Before the All-Star Break, at the absolute least):

Next, the Twitter punditry:

Danny Leroux is, of course, snidely referencing Tom Gores’ quotes to media after the Chicago Bulls game last week. From James Edwards III at The Athletic:

“It’s about what happened this year, what we’re going to do and our future,” said Gores, who added that he hasn’t given up on Van Gundy or the season. “Stan is a team player, and we’re going to discuss it. We’re not winning enough, so we have to talk about that.”

Lastly, analysis of said news:

A takeover of basketball operations by Arn Tellem would not be not unexpected or shocking. As mentioned, Stein (one of the more plugged-in NBA reporters) has been on this possibility for a while. The Pistons have not been as successful as anyone would have hoped under Stan as President of Basketball Operations, and it’s not unreasonable that he lose that title as a result.

The notion of Chauncey Billups as (presumably) general manager is a little more surprising. Yes, Chauncey is a Piston legend, who has expressed interest in a front office position in the NBA, but he’s also:

Of course, if Arn Tellem becomes the PoBo, and Chauncey becomes the GM, what would that mean for Stan Van Gundy? Would he stay the head coach and finish out the remaining year of his contract? Would he follow up on his promise to retire to his lake and beach homes? One thing I can guarantee you is that Stan will not address these reports during the season, because he’s... himself.

What do you think of the possibility of Chauncey as GM? We are... split:

UPDATE: From the Free Press’ Vince Ellis:

That is... a pretty strong denial.

This, on the other hand, is pretty standard. Respectful, but standard.