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DBB on 3: Playoff edition

It really, really sucks Detroit’s not in this - but the playoffs still rule

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We all would love it if the Detroit Pistons were in the mix for the playoffs, but I for one, love NBA basketball over and above my sick dedication to the team I’ve stuck with for over thirty years. Much like the collegiate Final Four, the NBA gets much more interesting when the playoffs roll around.

We break a bit from the usual format to give our writers and editors a chance to give their predictions on how the first round of the playoffs will shake out. We’ll be more than happy to hear your ideas in the comments below.

It’s rough being a Pistons fan, but I for one, seek consolation in good basketball, whichever team provides it.

Reminder, these are the playoffs series:

Toronto vs Washington

Boston vs Milwaukee

Philadelphia vs Miami

Cleveland vs Indiana

Houston vs Minnesota

Golden State vs San Antonio

Portland vs New Orleans

Oklahoma City vs Utah


Mike Snyder:

Toronto in 7 - Beal, Porter, and what’s-his-face almost pull off the upset.

Milwaukee in 7 - Boston’s magic runs out.

Philadelphia in 6 - I’m a big believer in Ben Simmons.

LeBron in 6 - LeBron.

Houston in 5 - Gentlemen’s sweep.

Golden State in 4 - I wish Denver could’ve taken San Antonio’s place.

Portland in 6 - I also wish Portland wasn’t on PST.

Oklahoma City in 6 - Here for Russ, staying for George.

Justin Lambregtse:

Toronto in 5

Boston in 6

Philly v. Miami - Philly in 5

Cleveland in 5

Houston in 4

Golden State in 6

Portland in 5

Utah in 7

David Fernandez:

Toronto in 5 - Washington is a mess and their dysfunction will make the Raptors look like real contenders (they’re not).

Boston in 7 - On paper, Milwaukee should win this in five or six, but Boston is a well oiled machine, and former Pistons’ Marcus Morris and Aron Baynes are going to ball out.

Philly in 6 - as much as it pains me to admit it, Philly is a damn good basketball team.

Cleveland in 5 - LeBron James.

Houston in 5 - Too much firepower, too much Beard, too much CP3.

Golden State in 6 - Don’t sleep on LaMarcus Aldridge, but it’s still the Warriors.

Portland in 7 - AD can do almost everything, but he can’t stop that back-court single-handed.

OKC in 7 - Toughest series of the first round, but OKC’s talent pushes them through.

Steve Hinson:

Toronto in 5 - Toronto’s bench dominates.

Milwaukee in 6 - Giannis pulls off the upset.

Miami in 7 - Spo’s playoff experience and 76ers’ injuries make for a long series upset.

Cleveland in 5 - Not betting against LeBron.

Houston in 4 - Rested Rockets sweep.

Warriors in 4 - Quinn Cook, Future Finals MVP.

Portland in 7 - Most interesting matchup of the first round.

OKC in 6 - I really wish I could pick the Jazz.

Lazarus Jackson:

Toronto in 7 - Washington usually over-performs in the playoffs compared to the regular season, and Toronto usually under-performs in the playoffs compared to the regular season. It should be a fun series... too bad I loathe both of these teams.

Boston in 5 - Brad Stevens works Joe Prunty like a speedbag.

Miami in 7 - The Philly kids are alright, but this is their first time in the playoffs, against a well-tested (but not overly talented) Heat team. This is probably the worst matchup for Philly.

Cleveland in 5 - The Pacers’ fairytale season deserved better than the LeBron James buzzsaw.

Houston in 5 - Houston is leagues better, but I’m excited for Playoff Karl-Anthony Towns and Playoff Andrew Wiggins.

Golden State in 5 - Don’t let the last two weeks (where GSW had ZERO to play for) fool you - the King stay the King.

Portland in 6 - Portland has no one who can guard Anthony Davis reliably, but New Orleans has little else.

OKC in 7 - This might be the closest playoff series out of all of them. The Thunder have the most to lose (in PG13) if they don’t make it out, but Utah is well-equipped to grind them down.

Ryan Pravato:

Toronto in 5 - The Raptors have more scoring weapons and Valanciunas will run rampant on the Wizards’ frontcourt.

Boston in 6 - The Celtics have better coaching and a better defense.

Philadelphia in 7 - I’m banking on Embiid playing most of the games.

Indiana in 6 - Point blank, the Pacers are better and the Cavs don’t have Lance Stephenson.

Houston in 6 - Just a slightly deeper and overall better roster for the Rockets.

Golden State in 5.

New Orleans in 6 - Don’t sleep on Jrue Holiday and Nikola Mirotic.

OKC in 6 - The Thunder have more firepower, and they’re not dependent on a rookie.

Jordan Bellant:

Toronto in 6

Cleveland in 5

Philadelphia in 6

Boston in 5

Houston in 5

OKC in 6

Portland in 6

Golden State in 7

Jamie Delaney:

Toronto in 5

Cleveland in 4

Miami in 7

Boston in 7

Houston in 4

OKC in 7

Portland in 6

Golden State in 5


There you have it, from the mouths of our semi-professional heads. What are your predictions?