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Pistons Gaming Team selects Let’s Get it Ramo in NBA 2K League draft

And with that I have already exhausted my knowledge of esports

Detroit Pistons

Today is the inaugural draft for the NBA’s official 2K basketball league, and the Pistons affiliate, PistonsGT (or Pistons Gaming Team) selected player Lets Get It Ramo with the No. 5 overall selection.

I’m not going to lie — I don’t know much about esports. I haven’t picked up the sticks (that’s how the cool kids say it, right?) in more than a decade. My last basketball video game was probably NBA Street in 2001.

Yes, I am an old man.

Lets Get it Ramo is Ramo Radoncic (Zach Lowe approved?) and is based in New York. He plays power forward and averaged 26.7 points, 13.5 rebounds and 7.4 assists during the qualifying run to make it to the big time.

And while we’re talking about video games, let’s not forget that gaming and esports is big business:

It has been pointed out that this is actually more than players make in the G League. But, I don’t begrudge anyone their ability to earn money. While video game interest left me long ago, I can’t argue with a sport that draws millions of online viewers while trying to argue that players, even those among the most talented in the world, that can’t fill a 5,000 seat minor league arena should get paid more.

Here from the draft pick himself, and follow him on Twitter @LetsGet_It_Ramo

The PistonsGT will round out their draft with selections 30, 39, 64, 73 and 98.