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2018 NBA Draft: Is forward Kevin Hervey the next Anthony Tolliver?

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Pistons should look at the talented offensive forward.

NCAA Basketball: Texas-Arlington at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

In case you’ve forgotten, the Detroit Pistons have the 42nd pick in the 2018 NBA Draft on June 21. Until we learn otherwise (like Detroit trading up in the draft or just flat throwing their pick away), I’m going to continue looking at players that may be available at Detroit’s position, even if it’s a crap-shoot at 42. It’s a rough job — but it’s got to be done.

It’s Kevin Hervey, not Harvey

Kevin Hervey played 115 games in four seasons at Texas-Arlington, a D1 school in the Sun Belt Conference. Hervey won the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year in his junior season, then followed that up with a strong senior season. He’s a good rebounder and a skilled offensive player at 6’9 with a streaky jump shot. His stroke has come a long way since his freshman campaign in which he shot just 25.9-percent (29-for-112) from downtown — he finished his four-year career at a 32.4-percent clip. Hervey will be 22 years old by this coming NBA season and is projected as a mid to late second round selection at best.

Look at these couple of clips and tell me that Hervey’s outside stroke doesn’t resemble Anthony Tolliver’s quite a bit.

Hervey’s balanced posture throughout his shot as well as his pretty, confident follow-through sure does remind me of Tolliver. Even Hervey’s backpedal draws an uncanny resemblance to Tolliver’s backpedal. Do you guys see it, too?

Unfortunately there’s not very many clips of Hervey online. But there’s a recent one just out during the first day of the NBA Combine Thursday.

Speaking of Tolliver, here’s a draft profile of Hervey from Sports Illustrated that certainly has some Tolliver to it:

There’s some risk Hervey ends up stuck between positions—he doesn’t create much off the dribble, often settles for jumpers and isn’t the most physical player inside. He’s not a great leaper and doesn’t block a ton of shots (just a 2% block rate is a little concerning). It’s worth wondering how much his injury history factors in with those tendencies. There’s certainly enough to Hervey’s game to warrant an opportunity here: while bigs who shoot threes are highly valuable as a specialist archetype, the ones who succeed at the next level tend to be multidimensional. He fits that bill nicely.

Also, for what it’s worth:

While Anthony Tolliver is a must have in your basketball lovin’ life, the price may be a little too high for his services as a free agent this summer. The Pistons may have to let him go.

Who really knows at this point. Perhaps Tolliver wants to stay in Detroit for the price they are willing to pay, and if that’s the case, then fine. Whatever is to come in free agency, Texas-Arlington’s Kevin Hervey is an intriguing prospect to keep an eye on.