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Breaking: Pistons hire Ed Stefanski to oversee search for coach, front office personnel

Stefanski will be in charge of the Pistons’ ongoing General Manager and Head Coach search

Well, we got the Woj Bomb we’ve all been waiting on:

Ed Stefanski is definitely an ... uninspiring choice, as he oversaw mediocrity in Philadelphia, New Jersey (when the Brooklyn Nets were in New Jersey), and Memphis. He was spoken of glowingly by former Pistons coach Michael Curry in a piece by the Free Press’ Vince Ellis this past week (take that with as many grains of salt as you would like), though, and has extensive ties in and around the league.

Now, presumably, the Pistons’ search moves on to a general manager and a head coach - and Woj also had something for Pistons fans on that front as well:

What do y’all think?