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Zeke Upshaw’s mother to sue NBA, Pistons and Grand Rapids Drive

NBA G League

The mother of Zeke Upshaw, a Grand Rapids Drive player who collapsed on the court and died two days later is filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

On March 24, during the Grand Rapids Drive’s season finale, the G-League affiliate to the Detroit Pistons, Zeke Upshaw collapsed on court while playing in the final moments of the game. Two days later he passed away. An autopsy later showed that he died of “sudden cardiac death” and was examined to have had “cardiac abnormalities.”

Upshaw’s mother, Jewel Upshaw, is now taking legal action against the NBA, Detroit Pistons, the SSJ Group, owners of the Grand Rapids Drive, and the Deltaplex Arena.

Statement from Upshaw’s legal representation:

Attorneys Crump and Hilliard and plaintiff Jewel Upshaw, Zeke’s mother, will announce a wrongful death lawsuit that will be filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District Of New York. In the final minute of a game on March 24, Zeke Upshaw crumpled face-down on the court in full cardiac arrest. Despite this undeniable dire situation, no life-saving measures were attempted, no CPR was initiated and no defibrillator was used.

Defendants in the case will include the National Basketball Association, the Detroit Pistons Basketball Company and SSJ Group, owners of the Grand Rapids Drive, and the Deltaplex Arena, where the game was held.