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Andre Drummond crushes on Ronda Rousey and other interesting facts from The Sixth Sense with Dre and Stanley Johnson

Pistons teammates Drummond and Johnson prove just how much they know about each other

WWE’s First-Ever Emmy ‘For Your Consideration’ Event Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Andre Drummond and Stanley Johnson sat down for The Sixth Sense, a Dating Game-style conceit to show just how much they knew about each other. You probably know the drill, a person asks a question about their personal life and sees if their teammate can guess the right answer.

It turns out playing 82 games a year, plus dozens of practices and walkthroughs and countless workouts in the gym allow out to get to know your co-workers, and teammates, very well. The segment is from Uninterrupted, and my only issue is that I’m not really sure I can trust their scoring system. This game might be rigged.

Of note, Andre Drummond won’t quite admit to his celebrity crush on Ronda Rousey and Stanley Johnson will have none of it. It’d be nice to see Dre in a WWE storyline, now that I think of it. Also, Stanley Johnson thought he would be drafted fourth in the 2015 NBA Draft. It turns out the New York Knicks had other ideas and took a guy by the name of Kristaps Porzingis.

Also, there is a hot chocolate controversy. Enjoy.