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Report: Malik Rose accepts Assistant General Manager role in Detroit

The former G-League Executive of the year will now be the part of the Pistons’ front office

To begin:

It was reported earlier last week that Malik Rose had been offered the job, and it appears the negotiations and discussions finally culminated in his hiring.

Please, don’t be willfully obtuse and go all Mocking SpongeBob and ask “Well, who is he assistant general manager to? tHe PiStOnS hAvE nO gM!” It’s been clearly established that Ed Stefanski is in charge of the Pistons front office, regardless of title. If you won’t take my word for it, here you go:


On the plus side, Rose appears to be a great addition to the front office. As mentioned, he won executive of the year in the G-League (in his first year as general manager of the Erie BayHawks), and has been credited with assisting the progression of Atlanta’s youth movement. Helping young guys grow... where have I heard that before?

Anyway, I’m glad the “official” filling out of the front office has begun ahead of free agency and Summer League. Stefanski’s proposal of a front office triumvirate - a front office individual focused on player development, one on scouting, and one on analytics - still intrigues, but for now, it’s best to have the first guy in the door. Rose’s hiring does not preclude more familiar names in the Pistons front office in the future, though.

Now that it’s finally official, how do you guys feel about Malik Rose as assistant GM? How do you feel about Ed Stefanski “Dick Cheney-ing” Tom Gores? As bad as Sean does?

Let us know in the comments.