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Report: Detroit Pistons sign Glenn Robinson III

The former Wolverine fills a hole on the wing in Detroit

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Courtesy of Yahoo Sport’s Shams Charania:

Glenn Robinson III is a former University of Michigan star and Slam Dunk Champion who was hoping to build off a career year in 2016-17 - unfortunately, he severely injured his ankle in training camp and only played in 23 games for the Indiana Pacers, averaging 14 minutes a game and slashing 42/41/82.

When healthy, Robinson is an intriguing athlete and shooter, with potential defensively and the size the Pistons desperately need on the wing. This signing offers Stanley Johnson some true competition for the starting starting small forward on the roster and offers the Pistons some lineup versatility - and it also means we’ve seen the last of James Ennis III in Detroit.

A one-plus-one contract (one year, plus a team option on the second year) is a good call from the Pistons’ perspective - if Robinson regresses or doesn’t provide the depth the Pistons are looking for, they can just not bring him in next year. Alternatively, if he blossoms with a defined role, the Pistons can exercise the option and keep a cheap, good option at a valuable position around. The size of the contract indicates the Pistons will be using most of their mini-Mid-Level Exception to sign GRIII - probably ending any pursuit of Anthony Tolliver and limiting the Pistons to minimum signings from here on out to avoid the luxury tax.

What do you all think of the GRIII signing?