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Pistons Trivia: Can you name all the point guards in Detroit since the Chauncey Billups trade?

On the afternoon of a former Pistons PGOTF being traded we have trivia!

Graphic Illustration — and I used that term loosely — by Sean Corp

As you may have heard by now the Phoenix Suns sent former Detroit Piston Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss to Houston for Ryan Anderson and De’Anthony Melton.

SiriusXM NBA Radio was having fun with the fact that the team that at one point had point guards coming out of their ears now has not even one starting caliber point guard now on their roster. They even dug up this trivia: since 2012-13 the Suns have had 23 players suit up as PG and register an assist. 23!!!

Which of course got me wondering - considering the Pistons have famously (at least in our fevered minds) been cycling through PGsOTF (point guards of the future) since shipping out Mr. Big Shot himself (that’s Chauncey Billups for the Snapchat Generation among us) - how many point guards have suited up for the Pistons in that same span? I went to and got the answer.

Spoiler alert!

It’s 20.

TWENTY! Two. Zero. (Note: Before I went back to AI days and stopped at 2012-13 it was 17, SEVENTEEN, that rhymes with MATEEN! That’s a deep, deep cut.)

Can you guess them all? (No cheating!!!!!) Also this is only through last season.

For extra credit: Three are actually listed as shooting guard (SG) according to Basketball Reference — can you name them?

I’ll even give you a head start since I can think of a player WE ALL KNOW but fear uttering He Who Must Not Be Named. I’ll say it so you don’t have to — Lord Voldemort ... errr, /Allen Iverson.

Extra, extra credit: Which of them was on the roster but failed to register a single assist?

Again keep this fun and don’t cheat as you list them in the comments section below. This is the dog days of summer. No reason to not spend every spare moment for the next four weeks racking your brain to see if you can come up with the answer yourself.

Also, if you’re super bored, I think it would be a very wise investment in time, and not at all lead to pointless arguments, for you to rank them from best to first.