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The Kool-Aid Stand: If you like cool shoes, Langston Galloway is your guy

He was supposed to have a role with the team last season, but he lost Stan Van Gundy’s trust and didn’t see the court much.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ending up the dog days of summer, DBB is rolling out a series of players that our writers are optimistic about this coming season - even perhaps irrationally optimistic.

When the Pistons signed Langston Galloway to a three year deal worth $21 million, it wasn’t viewed as a terrible signing. It was a bit of an overpay and it did hard cap the Pistons so that they wouldn’t be able to match an offer for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, but Galloway could be a semi-useful player.

Galloway is a career 36 percent shooter from three point range, but shot over 39 percent the previous two seasons before signing with the Pistons. He is a bit undersized to play the two and not good enough of a ball-handler or distributor to play the one, but he could play it in a pinch. At least that was the thought behind signing him.

When Reggie Jackson went down with an injury, Galloway was only given a couple games of an opportunity to backup Ish Smith before Stan Van Gundy pulled the plug on it. Galloway would find himself playing sparingly throughout the rest of the season as the emergence of Luke Kennard and Reggie Bullock took away any opportunity of him getting playing time at shooting guard, even though he started the season in the rotation at the two.

Fans may struggle to find a way to be optimistic about Langston Galloway. There is not a clear path for him getting playing time with the Pistons likely using a rotation of Luke Kennard and Reggie Bullock at shooting guard again and the Pistons now having three point guards who are better than Galloway.

I got something for you DBB:

Langston Galloway is a huge sneaker-head who has one of the more impressive collections of shoes in the NBA. With the NBA removing all restrictions on the colors that players can wear when it comes to shoes, Langston Galloway is probably going to bring out some fire with the shoes that he wears.

Even if he has a tough time finding minutes with the Pistons, you will still be able to see Langston Galloway rocking some pretty awesome shoes on the sideline.

You can take it from the man himself:

Who knows, maybe Galloway finds a way into the rotation with new coach Dwane Casey? Casey did use three guard lineups when he was in Toronto quite a bit and maybe Galloway can be one of those guards who provides spacing with his quick trigger and solid defense?

Maybe Galloway balls out through the first 20 games and shoots over 40 percent from three and the Pistons can flip him for some big man depth.

Langston Galloway can be a more useful player than how Stan Van Gundy treated him last season. However, you have to be realistic when looking at this roster. Injuries are always possible, and that is the most likely path for Galloway to see the court.

You have to add a lot of sugar to this Langston Galloway Kool-Aid, but he is going to bring the fire with his footwear on the court, and that is why I am irrationally excited about Langston Galloway this season.