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ESPN gives the Pistons offseason a B

Detroit ranked pretty high in the East although better grades were had out West.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton graded each team’s offseason, grading the West and the East. Not surprising that higher grades were to be had out West but in a bit of a surprise the Detroit Pistons received the second highest grade in the Eastern Conference.

Here’s Pelton’s own note on his grading system:

To avoid grade inflation, a “C” grade means a team did as well as we would reasonably expect, given its options. Any grade better than that means the team improved its outlook for this season or the long term, while a weaker grade means the team hurt its chances in my view.

I love the grading system, it cuts to the chase (did the team get better or not?).


Atlanta Hawks: D+

Boston Celtics: C

Brooklyn Nets: A

Charlotte Hornets: F

Chicago Bulls: D+

Cleveland Cavaliers: C-

Detroit Pistons: B

Stan Van Gundy lost his dual roles as head coach and president of basketball operations after a second consecutive lottery season. While the process of replacing Van Gundy starting with a senior adviser (Ed Stefanski) was unorthodox, the Pistons were able to hire the reigning Coach of the Year (Dwane Casey) to step in on the sidelines.

With limited resources, Detroit did well to grab one of the top wings on the market (Glenn Robinson III) on a two-year, $8 million deal with the second season a team option.

Indiana Pacers: B-

Miami Heat: C

Milwaukee Bucks: B

New York Knicks: B-

Orlando Magic: C

Philadelphia 76ers: C

Toronto Raptors: A-

Washington Wizards: B-


Dallas Mavericks: B+

Denver Nuggets: B

Golden State Warriors: A- (the rich get... yeah you know)

Houston Rockets: D+

LA Clippers: C

LA Lakers: A-

Memphis Grizzlies: C+

Minnesota Timberwolves: C-

New Orleans Pelicans: B

Oklahoma City Thunder: B+

Phoenix Suns: D+

Portland Trailblazers: C-

Sacramento Kings: D

San Antonio Spurs: D

Utah Jazz: C-

What do you all think of the B grade? Any other grades that stand out as on the money or way off base? Discuss amongst yourselves below.