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Pistons vs. Magic final score: Blake Griffin puts the Pistons on his back in overtime, win 120-115

NBA: Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This tweet couldn’t have been more accurate today:

The Pistons fell behind by double-digits in the first half, getting crushed by Nikola Vucevic.

But they finally started playing out of halftime, catching their first lead late in the third quarter behind - of all things - a Bruce Brown three pointer.

But the story, as usual, was just how damn good Blake Griffin was. WTF is this even:

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He finished with 30 points, going 11-18 from the field, 7-10 from the line, and had four rebounds with five assists and a pair of blocks. Also just two turnovers.

The flip side of the story was just how bad Andre Drummond was. He finished the game -12 while his backup Zaza Pachulia was +16. This would legitimately have been a blowout without Drummond. Vucevic had his way with him while Drummond shot 7-15 (a 46 percent true shooting percentage) and had three turnovers.

He initiated the Magic comeback late in the fourth quarter, when the Pistons were eight with four minutes to go. He essentially set a screen on Luke Kennard to give Evan Fournier an easy layup, then committed an offensive foul on the other end. Next he lost track of Vucevic to give up an open three pointer and, after a missed shot from Blake, gave up an offensive rebound and putback for Vucevic. Just like that, a one point game with three minutes to go.

To his credit, he also had 11 offensive rebounds in his 22 rebound game, which was a big factor. But they really wouldn’t have needed to be such a big factor if he hadn’t played so poorly everywhere else.

So Blake just scored seven of the Pistons 11 points in overtime to seal the game.

Luke Kennard had a solid game, with 14 points on 6-10 shooting. Bruce Brown also had a really nice performance on both ends of the court.

The Pistons will have the Miami Heat at home on Friday night to try to get their first winning streak since December 1.


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