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Pistons vs. Bucks final score: Bucks sweep the floor and the season series on the Pistons, 115-105

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It was one of those games where the final score was deceiving. It wasn’t that close. The Bucks were up 20 midway through the fourth quarter and it was just a garbage time run that made it look even somewhat respectable.

The Bucks controlled this one from early on to sweep the season series against the Pistons. And three of those four wins were dominating efforts.

With Reggie Bullock sidelined, Glenn Robinson III got the start and at this point it might be a surprise if he ever steps on the court again in a Pistons uniform. Dewane Casey also tinkered with the starting lineup by inserting Langston Galloway in place of Bruce Brown and that was less of a disaster. Galloway was at least playable. So that’s exciting.

Reggie Jackson had one of his finest games of the season this year, and it’s a bit of a shame to see it wasted in an overall poor team effort.

Andre Drummond’s stat line felt more impactful than his minutes. 20 points, 13 rebounds, 4 assists, decent shooting efficiency, no turnovers. There’s nothing to really complain about with Dre’s night. Just the same, considering yet another overmatched loss, the failure of those numbers to move the needle toward a win looms with the trade deadline creeping closer.

Blake Griffin wasn’t at his best. He wasn’t drawing foul calls and ended up with just four free throws, so just 18 points on 6-16 shooting. He had 9 assists, but also 5 turnovers.

Aggressive Luke Kennard finally made a reappearance, tying Blake for the Pistons’ leader in field goal attempts. He finished with 19 points.

The Pistons host three more tough games against Western Conference playoff contenders, each one in which they’ll likely be the underdogs. That could make for a very interesting Pistons trade deadline.


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