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Langston Galloway Player Preview: He ain’t that good, but he’s good enough

He has a role and fills a need; sometimes that is enough

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If your team is bad it’s not because of Langston Galloway. If your team is capped out, it’s not because of the guy who finished fourth on the team in minutes and earned $7 million.

Come on. That’s an asset, not a liability.

But also. Langston Galloway is thoroughly sub-mediocre.

He’s been playing for a long time and has established himself as a guy who can shoot ... sometimes. But usually not so much.

Last year

Last year he established a new career high true shooting percentage. Of 53%.

Sometimes with shooters, it takes stability to get the shot going. We saw that with Anthony Tolliver. When he was in and out, he was pretty shaky. When he was a regular in the rotation, he shot 43% from three and was just such a fun great to have on the team.

Last year, Galloway had the opportunity to establish himself as the new Tolliver. Personally, I thought he had the chops to pull it off. This year? Much less so.

The One Big Question

Can you shoot 40+ percent from three?

Projected Role

Traded. An expiring $7 million contract is perfect trade fodder. Especially with a couple of other big contract players who might/should be traded this year. And also with a bunch of young wings who really should be seeing minutes ahead of him.

But Galloway is still more than just a salary figure. He has ability and potential left in him. There’s a chance he pulls of the Tolliver role. It’s in him.

The dude can be a bulldog defensively. He has a nice quick release that can sometimes make a reliable shot. He’s never the combo guard that Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower envisioned, but could make a perfectly fine off guard.

It’s just probably not going to be with the Pistons. But definitely wish you the best of luck Langston.

Best case scenario

There’s no best case scenario where Galloway is a factor with the Pistons. It’d mean at least three of the Luke Kennard, Bruce Brown, Svi Mykhailiuk, and Sekou Doumbouya group don’t belong on the court.

The best case scenario for the Pistons with Galloway is that they trade him as part of a deal to move the team’s roster building franchise forward in a way that moves them toward a championship. Full stop.

Worst case scenario

That he plays too many minutes this season before heading out as an expiring contract.