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Pistons at Pacers final score: Luke Kennard and Andre Drummond post wild numbers in opening win, 119-110

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hot damn.

The Pistons showed their best non-Blake Griffin version in their opener.

We should start with Andre Drummond, who was an absolute force on both sides. He still did some dumb Andre Drummond stuff, but spent the majority of the game reminding us what a dominating force he’s capable of being.

32 points. 23 rebounds. 7 of them on the offensive end. 4 blocks. 3 steals.

That’s the reason the Pistons won.

Drummond erased so many possessions for the Pacers, while also making failed possessions into buckets for the Pistons.

There were a few Drummond possessions of ridiculously bringing the ball up the court in a failed bucket or turnover, but ok. He was really good tonight.

None of it would have mattered if not for Luke Kennard. When the Pistons offense stalled, Kennard played Blake Griffin. He put the offense on his shoulders and took over.

Kennard scored 30 points in just 28 minutes. He made 6 three pointers in a variety of ways. Perhaps the coolest thing was that he went to the line for 10 free throw attempts, despite still kicking ass in the midrange area.

Dude looked like a force.

Derrick Rose finished the fourth quarter and at some point we very well may find ourselves in a quarterback controversy.

Happy New Year.