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Pistons vs. Everybody Episode 1, plus FAQ

I’ve got a new podcast for y’all to consume

Hey y’all. I am the host and sole proprietor of a brand-new weekly Pistons podcast that you should listen and subscribe to - the Pistons Vs. Everybody podcast:

Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes, you can follow the show at @PistonsVsPod, and email me at I’m excited to present this to you all, and give you...

Hold the hell on - You already have a podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys Podcast. Are you BETRAYING us?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Absolutely not. Wouldn’t dream of it. DBB is my basketball home. I’m insulted you would even ask.

So what happens to the DBB pod?

Literally nothing. It’ll be back soon (VERY soon), same place, same schedule, me and Ben together, talking Pistons, just like you’re familiar with. Pistons Vs. Everybody (Subscribe! Rate! Review!!) is another thing I am doing in addition to my work here at DBB.

Why should I listen to you say the same thing on two different podcasts?

You shouldn’t! And you won’t. My goal is to make the content of both podcasts distinct, and additive. You hopefully won’t hear me say something on one pod and the complete opposite thing on the other, but I don’t think I’ll be ... disagreeing (?) with myself, either.

The way I’m thinking about it is this - the DBB podcast will focus from the top, down - intricate coverage of one team; the Detroit Pistons. PistonsVsEverybody will focus from the bottom, up - wider coverage of the league, but through the lens of how what’s going on in the league affects the Detroit Pistons. That likely means more of a focus on the Eastern Conference.

For example: If Andre’s contract situation poisons the well in Detroit, we’ll talk about that on the DBB Podcast. If Jimmy Butler’s Wake-Up And Grind Time poisons the well in Miami, I’ll talk about what that means for the Pistons’ playoff chances on Pistons Vs. Everybody.

That’s fine. As long as the DBB pod isn’t going anywhere.

It’s not. I swear. It’s fine.

Why are you only on Apple? I have an Android, do you hate me?

No! I have an Android (Google Pixel) myself. I’m working to get the podcast on more platforms, namely Stitcher and Spotify. However, in the meantime, Podcast Addict in the Google Play store uses the Apple Podcasts search engine, so you can use that to subscribe. Additionally, the podcast is hosted on Art19, so you can listen to it there, as well.

...ok? We good?

We’re good. I want my DBB Podcast though!

Soon. I promise. In the meantime, you should totally listen to PistonsVsEverybody and learn why the Heat, Magic, and Pacers won’t be as good as people think they’ll be: