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Pistons Vs Everybody: Pascal Siakam’s Revenge

Laz and Kelsea O’Brien talk the Pistons-Raptors game and more

Hey everyone. On this week’s Pistons Vs. Everybody, Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) and Kelsea O’Brien (@kelsea_lately) talked about the Pistons getting beaten badly by the Raptors, and if that matters since Blake Griffin didn’t play at all. Then, more interestingly, they talked about how Patrick Beverley is like Kyle Lowry is like Ben Wallace, how Laz learned to love Halloween, and The Handsomeness Bracket.

Kelsea is really fun to talk to, and she was much more complimentary of the Pistons than I would’ve been had I watched MY team run them down, over, and through for 48 minutes. Plus, Pistons fans will appreciate her speaking so highly of Ben Wallace and what he brought to that Pistons team and the league at large.

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