Following the footsteps of Deividas Sirvydis' development

Last month I mentioned some things Deividas Sirvydis needs to improve this year to convince us that the decision to bring him to Detroit for 3 SRP was good. After first games of his season we can note a few steps in the desired direction.

Deividas’ club, have played 3 games in Lithuanian league (LKL) and one game in Eurocup. Our second round pick’s role is still diminished. He plays about the same amount of time (14:14MPG in LKL, though he played 19:02 in Eurocup game) as last year. But he seems to be fulfilling his tasks better this time around. His progress can be seen on both, defensive and offensive end.

As regards his defense, Deividas is still capable of chasing his men through screens. But now, it seems, he reduced the reaction time to their movement. Here’s the new whole product.

He also shows better awareness in defensive multitasking.

But where he has done biggest progress, is on ball defense. His stance is much improved. Nevertheless, he still needs to work on his lateral movement, because he sometimes still loses his balance.

Additionally as regards his defense, despite his thin frame, Deividas somehow has become frightening enough to able to disrupt in some way rolling big men.

On offense, Deividas foremost tries to pick savvy veterans’ brains. As we foreseen, he does so especially with regard to Francisco ‘Pako’ Cruz. Here are some plays which would be nice if he could take over from his older teammate… Even if he can’t use them now due to his reduced role.

In the meantime, his main task on offense is still to spread the floor by making catch and shoot threes. He connects on 29,4% of his three pointers. So this means regress where we expected some progress. But this stat is drag down by his Eurocup game, in which he was 1 from 6. Without this, he has 36,4 3P%, so he’s on par with his stat sheet from last season. Even though, Deividas isn’t making progress in accuracy yet, he’s making progress in the way he shoots. As is shown by these clips, his shooting mechanic is quicker (he has his feet set better and makes quicker release).

In addition, now they even call a play for him from three point line.

Deividas also tries to be active and is looking for occasions to score. Here we can see him looking for opportunities to score in transition. Here, he’s smartly attacking the basket with a drive against not-that-big big, Alan Williams. Though this clip also shows that his handles still needs work.

All this shows some growth of our player, even if he still makes some confusing plays betraying that he still is 19yo, like this pass to "ex-Piston" Cameron Bairstow. Fortunately, since nowadays Cameron plays like this, we don’t need to worry that they ever will team-up on NBA floor…

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