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Christian Wood makes good first impression with Detroit Pistons

Wood fighting uphill battle for final roster spot

NBA: Preseason-Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons have to make a decision before the start of the regular season. With 16 players on what needs to become a 15-man roster, someone either must be released or traded.

After media day, the feeling was Joe Johnson was almost assured a spot on this team and it would be Christian Wood who would be visited by the Grim (Roster) Reaper.

Wood had other plans during game one of the preseason.

Wood checked into the Pistons first preseason game against the Orlando Magic and went to work quickly. After checking in at the beginning of the second quarter, Wood played seven straight minutes and was the Pistons most productive player.

In his short stint in the first half, Wood had 12 points and four rebounds. He displayed his versatility; bringing the ball up off a defensive rebound, rolling and getting two dunks, converting an and-one.

Oh, he also casually hit a three from the top of the key.

Johnson, who Wood is likely competing with for the final spot, played four minutes in the first half. He missed a hook shot in the post and was called for a travel later on. Johnson did throw a nice pass to Wood underneath which led to two free throws.

Wood continued his stellar play into the second half. He swatted an Al Farouq-Aminu layup on the defensive side and remained active rolling to the rim. He may have had the play of the game, after sending Magic center Isaac Humphries into the atmosphere with a poster worthy dunk.

Wood finished his night with 19 points, eight rebounds, and one block, while shooting 6-of-10 from the field.

Johnson did not play in the second half.

It’s only one preseason game, but the 24 year-old wasted no time making his case for a spot on this Pistons squad.