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The Water Ku-ler: Christian Wood continues stellar play

A halftime dispatch from LCA. Wood is a bright spot on struggling Pistons

NBA: Preseason-Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It looked like Wood wasn’t going to play in the Detroit Pistons second preseason game. The game had reached midway through the second quarter, and Wood had yet to make an appearance.

Thon Maker had been playing all of Andre Drummond’s backup five minutes.

With about six minutes to go in the half, however, Wood made his appearance.

And immediately his impact was apparent.

No, he didn’t have double digit points and he wasn’t flirting with a double-double again in under 10 minutes of play.

But, he was noticed.

You knew he was on the floor.

The problem so far for Maker, who’s competing for the backup five minutes is he either goes unnoticed on the court or he’s being noticed for the wrong reasons.

This hasn’t been the case for Wood.

Wood immediately got active on the boards and in pick-and-roll action. In just six minutes of play, Wood had five rebounds; two of these were offensive rebounds that resulted in two assist for the 24-year-old big man.

He continued to show his versatility when he grabbed a defensive rebound, brought it up the court himself and created an open corner three attempt for Tony Snell.

Put another way, in only six minutes Wood had 5 rebounds.

Maker has 5 rebounds in the entire presesson.

In a 9-point game at halftime, Wood leads the Pistons in plus/minus at a +5.

Wood is trying to make the case he shouldn’t just make the roster, he should be a valuable piece in the Pistons rotation this season.