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DBB Podcast: Blake Griffin Returns!

Ben and Laz discuss the week in Detroit basketball

Detroit Pistons v Toronto Raptors Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Hey everyone. This is Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys, and on this week’s podcast, we’re talking about your 4-6 Detroit Pistons. Ben Gulker and I talk about Blake Griffin’s return, what that means for some of the other players that have found success in his absence... and then we talk about Michael Pina’s Andre Drummond piece. At length.

Talking through the Pina piece with Ben was clarifying for me. As someone who sees, understands, and has internalized a lot of the common criticisms about Andre Drummond, it’s just... weird, to me, that people aren’t seeing what I see. I compared Andre to Ben Simmons and Josh Smith in the course of our discussion - you’re going to want to listen to figure out how I pulled THAT off.

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