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Pistons Vs Everybody: Biscayne Blake?

Laz talks with Nekias Duncan about the Pistons and Heat’s start to the season

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Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) and Nekias Duncan (@NekiasNBA) talked about the Detroit Pistons’ loss to the Miami Heat, what’s driving the Heat’s... hot ... start to the season, how important face-up centers are in today’s NBA, what it would take to send Blake Griffin to Miami, why the Pistons would even consider that, what the Pistons’ issues are on defense, and why Atlanta (the city, not the team) is the NBA’s sleeping giant.

I also got Nekias to slander Khris Middleton, think about the Celtics as a playoff matchup, evaluate Bruce Brown Jr. as a point guard, and re-live his infamous Epke Udoh tweet. A fun time all around.

Find Nekias’ work on Bleacher Report and elsewhere.

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