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Pistons vs Bulls final score: Great news, Pistons outmatched against lousy Bulls team

How much longer can this franchise fight against the inevitable?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the worst possible outcome for tonight with the Detroit Pistons would to have been to win this game.

The Pistons are now 11-19, obviously bad, beaten by a crappy team. The alternative? 12-18, sneaking past a lousy team.

Long term, these are the types of games that mean the difference between Cole Anthony and Theo Maledon. Although, to be fair, that difference hasn’t been made yet thanks to this horrible front office. They’re still fighting for an eight seed and embarrassing first round sweep. So...great!

Anyways, that’s the big picture. Let’s get to the smaller picture. The first half, Andre Drummond played the James Harden role of offensive initiator and playing no defense. Well, not no defense. At one point, Fox Sports Detroit declared he set a new career high in steals. But it came at the expense of abandoning his man to create plenty of easy shots for Chicago.

It’s easy to get into the argument of whether the good outweighs the bad. But then, the not-doing-so-great Bulls just beat the Pistons.

Markieff Morris had the team’s best game, thanks to his seven three point shots and six assists. Tony Snell and Tim Frazier had solid games.

The rest of the team was pretty rough. Luke Kennard scored well, but was mostly overmatched and threw five turnovers. Bruce Brown struggled with fouling while shooting and couldn’t score.


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