Following the footsteps of Deividas Sirvydis' development. Deividas’ taking off… kind of

Ok. Get in. Fasten your seat belts. We’re going for a rutty ride of Deividas Sirvydis’ accelerated development.

If you remember, at the beginning of his season, we pointed out a few things that we’d like to see Pistons’ SRP, the Lithuanian Deividas Sirvydis, makes this year while being stashed in Europe. Next, after a few games of his season, we noted things he had progressed on, and we were waiting for progress in others. Deividas had bettered his reaction time in off-ball defense, his stance in on-ball defense and his awareness in defensive multitasking. He also had made some progress on offense, namely he improved his shot mechanics by accelerating it. However it had come at the expanse of his 3P%. But we were hoping it’s a temporary thing and he’ll be quickly back where he supposed to be. Well, we miscalculated it a little. It took him two months, but it seems that he finally has caught some wind into his sails: in three games (one in Lithuanian league and two in Eurocup) he played till the 18th of December (that’s when Eurocup’s regular season has ended), he has made 8 of 12 triples, and not only catch and shoot ones.

Throughout this period and the two months leading to it, Deividas also tried to be more aggressive with the ball in his hands. He started to make nice drives - dribble drives and drives off of attacked closeouts. Thus he started to look more like the player he was while playing with his peers – confident competitor, who can generate the offense and lead/co-lead his team. Especially when he was connecting on three ball like this, and making such an off ball moves.

He also continued to show better on ball defense and better BBIQ in defensive multitasking as well as to make hustle plays. Of course, he still made some mistakes, and is bothered by his lack of length. But overall we can like the direction he’s taking in his development, particularly it’s accelerated version from mid-December. If only he could uphold it…

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