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Pistons vs Knicks final score: Detroit survives on a back-to-back, 105-92

The Pistons come away with wins on back-to-back nights

NBA: Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons beat the New York Knicks 105-92, Detroit’s second victory in as many nights. The Pistons were, unsurprisingly, led by Blake Griffin (29 points, six rebounds, eight assists), Andre Drummond (17 points, 16 rebounds) and Reggie Jackson (19 points, seven assists). Reggie Bullock also scored 19 points and made five threes for the Pistons.

Wait, 29+17+19+19 is ... 84. What about the other guys?

Yeah, that’s still an issue, and one I refuse to stop picking at because it’s so blindingly apparent.

Anyway, Dennis Smith Jr. led the way for the Knicks with 25 points (on 25 shots) and six assists, and Mitchell Robinson rode one extremely good stretch of play early in the second quarter (and DeAndre Jordan fouling out in 24 minutes of play) to a 13-point, 10-rebound double-double.

The biggest takeaway from this game is the continued health and success of Reggie Jackson, who attacked the basket adroitly throughout the night, finding scoring opportunities for himself and others. This assist, on the first play of the game, no less, is ripped straight out of a Reggie Jackson highlight package from 2015:

This isn’t to say that Reggie’s play in the last two weeks is the determining factor in whether or not the Pistons make a trade in the next 40 hours for a highly paid point guard - which they shouldn’t - but that a Piston, ANY Piston, being able to shoulder some of the offensive load instead of Blake Griffin helps the team.

I wonder if we talked about that today or something.

In the “What Else Happened Tonight” department, Bruce Brown only shot twice, but he did some other, impressive stuff:

Plays like that are why he’s a starter, and why the starting lineup with him in it has a double-digit positive NetRTG.

This also happened:

Tobias Harris, helping out the Pistons for old times’ sake, and the Clippers come back from another 20+ point deficit to pull out a road win. Hey, Detroit’s not the only team this happens to! Who knows if that’s a good or bad thing.

Detroit will play the Knicks again on Friday, and if they win that one, they’ll have won three straight for the first time since November. Before that, though, if anything goes down at the Trade Deadline in Detroit, we at DBB will have you covered.