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Report: Pistons “aggressive” in pursuit of soon-to-be-free-agent Wayne Ellington

The veteran shooting guard would add depth on the wing for Detroit

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The report comes from Woj:

Wayne Ellington, if you recall, was traded to Phoenix yesterday, and is expected to be bought out of his contract and become a free agent. Philadelphia is also reported to be interested in the guard.

This would be an interesting addition to the Pistons’ roster. Ellington, at 6’4, doesn’t have the size to play small forward, so he’d join the Pistons’ shooting guard brigade of Langston Galloway, Khyri Thomas, Luke Kennard, and Bruce Brown Jr. However, Ellington has converted himself into a better shooter than anyone on that list, shooting 38 percent from three on seven attempts per game in his last three years as a member of the Miami Heat.

Of note: the only reason the Pistons are able to consider signing a player like Ellington without going over the tax is due to the trades they made at the deadline opening up salary cap room. If the Pistons acquire Ellington, thinking of his acquisition as part of the Stanley Johnson or Reggie Bullock trades puts those trades in a different light.

Should the Pistons be pursuing Ellington? Let us know in the comments.